Arts for All


For every £30 that you spend at The London Smiths, we will donate £1 to Arts for All

About Arts for All

Arts For All is a creative charity serving the disadvantaged communities of Tower Hamlets and Hackney. The organisation runs structured weekly art therapy sessions to engage people of all ages from diverse cultures and background and those with special needs. The charity also runs exciting trips throughout the year, offering individuals opportunities to get out of London and to have adventures they would never usually get the chance to do! 

The centre sits within one of the most deprived areas of the UK, many families served by the centre are living with unemployment and three quarters have English as their second language. Through long term support, Arts For All builds confidence, helps people achieve their goals and changes lives. 

Set up by Caroline Barlow over 15 years ago, Arts for All has throughout the years supported over 500 adults, more than 700 children and to date 94% of the young people who have gone through their care have gone on to study something they love and then on to rewarding and sustainable employment.

Supporting adults 

Arts for All works with adults with learning disabilities and autism and other disadvantaged, vulnerable and often isolated local adults - the charity run art and craft classes aim to build confidence through creativity. Arts for All's approach is personal ad unique. Caroline and her small team establish a close relationship with individuals - supporting them in their lives beyond their therapy sessions by offering love, care and friendship. The charity also works alongside other agencies involved in their lives to improve their overall quality of life. 

Arts for All

Supporting children and their families

After school and in the holidays Arts for All runs creative clubs for children and young people. The children who attend the centre are from the local, neglected estates. The majority are from families struggling with unemployment, isolation and poverty and many of the children with whom Arts for All works are dealing with abuse and domestic violence in home. In this area there is an increasing problem with crime against children and racial tensions, and as a result these young people are often not safe out on the streets. Arts for All offers them a safe, exciting, colourful place to learn new creative skills, meet with their friends, and just “be children”! The charity provides  a safe and happy place where children can reach their full potential and with support and encouragement break the cycle of unemployment in their families.

Arts for All

How can I help?

You are already helping simply by making a purchase with The London Smiths. We donate £1 for every £30 you spend on your order to Arts for All. All of the money donated goes directly to that charity and has a real impact on the lives of vulnerable people in East London. 

If you would like to support Arts for All further please do visit their website, make a donation, or volunteer. Caroline is hugely welcoming to anyone who wants to support the wonderful work she and her team are doing and would love to hear from you.