Who we are

We're Alex and Georgie Smith, sisters and founders of The London Smiths.

Georgie lives in Earlsfield and has spent most of her adult life as a lawyer in the city. She loves travelling and is definitely the more linguistically gifted of the two of us having lived and studied in both France and Italy. 

Alex lives in Kentish Town and has spent her working life at an eclectic mix of banks, government and safari organisations! She's happiest on a horse or in the sun and lived in Botswana for a few years.

We started talking about the idea of The London Smiths over lunch back in summer 2017 and decided to take the plunge and start our new venture shortly after. It's been so exciting getting The London Smiths to this point and to share our idea. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

What we believe in

We both love our city - London’s spirit, history and diversity make it a very special place. For centuries it has been home to a huge variety of makers, large and small. We think the continuation of this tradition and London's creative scene should be celebrated and that we can do more to showcase the brilliant products made here.

We’ve curated a space that allows you to shop from multiple brands all in one place and explore makers from across the city in an instant. We hope you’ll discover new brands, learn a little about the people who make things in London, and ultimately help support local artisans in our city.

The London Smiths xx