Knowing what to write about for our first ever blog was a touch tricky, but it struck me that we should take a step back and let you all know a little bit about why The London Smiths exists!

So where did the idea for The London Smiths come from...

Well back in 2014 a rather tanned, bedraggled me came home after spending a couple of years running a safari camp in Botswana. It was the most amazing adventure and once I was home I struggled to get back into the flow of a normal working life in London. The city I loved had lost its sparkle and the daily commute to a corporate job I didn't particularly like wasn't helping matters. After wallowing for a few months I decided that something needed to be done, I had to regain my love for London one way or another so I set about making a real effort to explore it's boroughs, wandering back streets, going to as many events as possible and eating in too many new restaurants to count! At the same time, I was renovating a flat and I found myself popping into more and more small, local shops trying to find interesting, beautiful things for my new home and it struck me just how many makers there are in London. Right in the heart of a city that can seem overrun with chain shops and generic products, there was a whole community of local artisans I'd never been aware of.

Now that's not to say that The London Smiths was a 'eureka' moment, more a gradual coming together of three things I love, London, design and craftsmanship. Over time I realised how hard it was to find locally made, unique products even though there are so many out there and I thought it would be amazing to create a place that would showcase all of the cool, interesting, beautiful 'stuff' that's actually made in this city. 

London has such a history of commerce and craftsmanship which I don't think has been celebrated enough in recent times. It's a city packed full of diverse communities, characters and industries and I strongly believe that more should be done to encourage the creative side of our capital. London is also a city that comes together when it matters, in 2017 that was most evident in the aftermath of the various terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower tragedy, but in happier times Royal Weddings and Olympic Games truly bring out the best in Londoners and those that love our city. It's a city I'm exceptionally proud of and I wanted to capture some of the feelings, that this is OUR city, and we will support it and nurture its greatness in whatever way we can.

So why has it taken 3 years to do anything about this, well I guess life got in the way, I found a job I did like, attending friends' weddings became a full-time pastime and life sort of moved on. Until that is, I mentioned my 'idea' once again to Georgie. Well, the next day she messaged me "I think your idea's pretty good, I want in" and that was that, the partnership was formed, we got going and here we are now!

I suppose that in summary, The London Smiths is in essence a small ode to my hometown, the city that has given me so much and the wonderful people that help to make this London the magical place it is. We hope you enjoy visiting the site and would love to hear your thoughts so do drop us a line or get in touch on social media!


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