plant face oil

Here we hear from Mugdha (Kindred + Wild) about her nightly ritual with her wonderful plant based oils.

Herb Oil #1: Lavender and Chamomile is my everyday oil. Unless I am experimenting with a new formula or in winter when I alternate with Herb Oil #3. I use it in the morning and at night mostly on my face although it can be used on the body too. But one of my favourite ways to use it is a hot towel cleanse. Since I don’t use any face wash or scrub, this is my deep pore cleansing once or twice a week. And honestly in the last 2 years I haven't needed much else. Ok, maybe an occasional face mask. 

Anyway, back to hot towel cleanse, I prefer to use a face towel. I think it holds steam for a little longer and cleans deeper because of the pile. But you can use a flannel or muslin cloth. Here’s how I do it, at night before bed...

Massage a few drops of Herb Oil #1 onto dry skin including eye area. Top it up if the skin absorbs it all. Soak the towel in hot water (as hot as you can bear) and wring out. I lay the hot towel on my face and leave for a few seconds, inhaling the steam and the mild scent of Lavender + Chamomile. Once it feels cool I soak the towel in hot water, wring and lay on my face the second time. After a few breaths I gently scrub the skin with the towel in circular motions on face and neck paying extra attention to my nose and chin area. Then I soak the towel in cold water, (trust me, this is the best bit.) wring out and lay on the face again gently pressing down on the face and neck to close the pores.  If I’ve spent the day in front of the computer then I take the corners of the cold towel and press it on my eyes. I can literary feel the eyeballs relax. Sometimes I might even do the cold towel twice. Then I gently pat or air dry the face. My skin can get dry so I rub a few drops of the oil on my hands and pat them on the face before bed for that extra bit of softness. Besides it smells so relaxing.

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