1. Can you describe Samantha Warren in 5 words?

Cool feminine, practical printed accessories


2. How did you get the idea for Samantha Warren?
I graduated in printed Textiles and have designed for big fashion retailers for years. I decided I wanted to put my own name on my designs and take on the challenge on having my own brand.
3. What are your favourite parts of running Samantha Warren?
I love the designing part. I love drawing inspiration from my surroundings and being able to create something from it. I love seeing happy customers and having wonderful returning customers. I also enjoy the diversity and meeting other entrepreneurs and learning all the time.
4. What does a typical day look like for you?
It depends at what point in the year it is really. It usually involves trying to keep on top of my plans for the day regardless of what emails and calls come in. I'll either be developing designs, working with my seamstress or printers, working on marketing material (photographs, newsletters), planning events and analysing sales and finances.
5. What's been your biggest challenge with  Samantha Warren
Probably growth. Bigger decisions, bigger risks and staying relevant in a difficult retail climate.
6. Do you champion responsible business in any way?
I use all of my fabric. My accessories are simple shapes which leave very little wastage. In fact no wastage as I use leftovers to make scrunchies or small purses. Most of my leather is off cuts from the fashion industry.
7. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you?
I believe it's important to appreciate the artisan community, and in a fast paced city like London, it's quite a skill to labour over something slowly and lovingly. The London Smiths champions the London artisan and I like that.
8. Do you have any top tips for other budding makers?
Not to lose sight of why you are making and not to get too caught up in what everyone else is doing.
9. What are your dreams for Samantha Warren?
I'd love for it to continue growing and become a household name.
10. Is there anything else The London Smiths customers should know about you?
I have been lucky enough to have my brand stocked in some wonderful museums and galleries including the Royal Academy of Art, The Fashion and Textile Museum, Towner, Dulwich Picture Gallery and the British Museum.

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