1. Can you describe Ren London in 5 words?
Contemporary, tactile, mindful, fresh, functional.
2. What are your favourite parts of running Ren London?
The freedom it gives you! No two days are alike and I can take a leisurely morning if I want to, or work until the wee hours if I need to and it's really satisfying because it's for my own business. It allows me to travel freely and it keeps me creatively stimulated. Not having to answer to anyone else but me is up there too. 
3. What does a typical day look like for you?
Luckily, no two days are too much alike, but I typically have quite a routine morning which starts at 8/8.30 with a cup of tea, then hop in the shower and get dressed, take my dog for a walk to the local park via takeaway coffee. Back at home I tackle emails and admin, then pack orders and drop them at the couriers. After that I might go to any meetings or to my studio to work on wholesale orders, or do some designing and sketching for my womenswear line. When I'm not working late, I'll pour myself a glass of wine around 6 and start winding down and making dinner until my partner comes home and that's more or less us done for the day. 
4. What's been your biggest challenge with Ren London?
Getting the business in front of people is challenging as it is for any small company. 
5. Do you champion responsible business in any way?
I use only natural fibre fabrics in my collections  and produce locally. I am mindful of waste, which I manage by making things to order and using small batch production. Any leftover fabric cut offs, I sell on for quilting or small projects. 
6. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you?
I always strive to be a part of any platform that promotes meaningfully crafted products and ethical businesses. 
7. Do you have any top tips for other budding makers?
Follow your gut and keep your daytime job, it will help you grown your business quicker. I learned that the hard way! 
8. What are your dreams for Ren London?
I'd love for it to grow more into a lifestyle brand of ethically made, ethically sourced products for the home and person. If I picture a showroom or a brick and mortar shop, there's a well rounded range of products there to compliment the textiles. That's really far down the line though! 

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