1. Can you describe Peregrine in 5 words? 
An Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle Brand
2. How did you get the idea for Peregrine
I got a little disillusioned by how digital my life had become so wanted to try my hand at a few crafts. I made a bunch of different things as Christmas presents but loved candles the most. I wanted to do something that would help make a change in the world, and this made sense as my way of beginning to convey my message. Candles are the catalyst for the brand, but my other crafts are slowly going to introduce themselves under the Peregrine name.
3. What are your favourite parts of running Peregrine
I love taking the brand out to markets and concept stores and using it as a way to meet likeminded people and chat.
4. What does a typical day look like for you? 
I wake up super early and commute to my day job. Then, I either head home or to my workshop to begin work on Peregrine. I’ll pour a few batches, finish any candles that have cooled and package up any orders. Weekends are similar, however, I get to dedicate all my time to Peregrine.
5. What’s been your biggest challenge with Peregrine
Aside from learning how to make the candles as quickly and effectively as possible, my biggest challenge has been getting frustrated due to not being able to dedicate enough time to it. I constantly feel like I am holding it back due to my commitments to my 9-5 job.
6. Do you champion responsible business in any way? 
Absolutely. I want to make sure that the work that I do has a positive impact on the planet but, at least, does not negatively affect it. My candles are completely natural and do not harm the atmosphere when burning. The packaging is all biodegradable and, when I receive packaging (stock orders, etc.) I make sure to save it and reuse it for my outgoing orders. 
7. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you? 
I found The London Smiths at a stage when they had already begun sourcing some products and I absolutely adored the brands they already had on board. For me, I saw an incredible opportunity to be featured alongside these brands and to be a part of something I really believed in.
8. Do you have any top tips for other budding makers? 
I would tell them to stay true to what they see the brand being. A lot of people will try to tell you how to change it and what it should become, but make sure you don’t do anything just because someone else has told you to. Stay true to your vision and people will love it.
9. What are your dreams for Peregrine
I would love to launch a few more lifestyle products and for it to become a brand that people return to over and over again. For me, I don’t want to grow into something that is stocked in the biggest shops the world over, I just want to create a brand that does it’s bit to improve the planet, and that the people who know it love it.
10. Is there anything else The London Smiths customers should know about you?! 
Only that I make these candles in a workshop in Streatham Common and would love it if people wanted to swing by and have a smell for themselves. 

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