1. Can you describe Ng Pottery in 5 words?
Experimental, functional, imperfection, progressing, possibilities.

2. What are your favourite parts of running Ng Pottery?
The whole process from making to delivering. It's rewarding to see my work being appreciated at the end.

3. What's been your biggest challenge with Ng Pottery?
Production time vs pricing is not an easy task. It's difficult to price handmade work when cheap mass production is such a common practice. To have the consumers understand and appreciate bespoke pieces can be a challenge.

4. Do you champion responsible business in any way?
Yes very much so. I always recycle trimmed and scrapped clay, never bin them. Nothing goes to waste in my practice.

5. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you?
I support new business ventures that empower local craftsmen, especially those that are run by women.

6. Do you have any top tips for other budding makers?
Create the things that speak to you, be honest with your own work, then others will appreciate.

7. What are your dreams for Ng Pottery?
At the moment I'm sharing studio space with other potters, one day I'd like to build my own studio and be able to expand the business more.

8. Is there anything else The London Smiths customers should know about you?!
Music is my other passion. I was classically trained on the piano and had played in jazz big band.

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