1. Can you describe Mosley London in 5 words?
A Design-led, playful & ethical brand. 


2. How did you get the idea for Mosley London?
I was an editor in the film industry but spent my free time drawing. I started selling my artwork online and then realised that I should put my drawings onto product. The first product I created was a set of cushions which I sold on a market stall in Shoreditch. 


3. What are your favourite parts of running Mosley London?
I love the design process of creating new products but I think my favourite part is when new samples arrive in the post. It's a bit like Christmas morning. 
4. What does a typical day look like for you?
I just had a little baby so I'm still trying to work that out myself. I suppose I can't start the day without a coffee and I always prioritise current orders. I generally jump between writing emails and packing orders. I really try to stop work in the afternoon and spend time with my little girl. After all, she's the reason why I started Mosley London in the first place - to allow me more time to dedicate to her. 

5. What's been your biggest challenge with Mosley London?
I think self belief is a big one. There are so many milestones when running a business but the back bone to running it successfully is believing in it and continuing the hard work even if the results are not clear. 


6. Do you champion responsible business in any way?

Absolutely. Mosley London is an ethical brand. We make all products in the UK. We also are strong on our partnerships, we believe in working with up-and-coming stores that have an ethical stance and a belief in championing the shop independent movement.  


7. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you?

I like the idea behind The London Smiths. I also like to work with platforms that know how to curate. The London Smiths website feels like someone hand picked and carefully considered each product and I really like that attention to detail. 


8. Do you have any top tips for other budding makers?
Yes, keep designing and keep creating. Even if you're shy and you don't share it with anyone, just do it for the love of it. 

9. What are your dreams for Mosley London?
In Y1 Mosley London has gained lots of new stockists and a great customer base. I'd love to continue that growth. 


10. Is there anything else The London Smiths customers should know about you?
Mosley London is based in east London. Many of our products are designed in cafes around Shoreditch and made in Whitechapel.

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