1. Can you describe Kindred + Wild in 5 words
Natural, Organic, Small-batch Apothecary

2. How did you get the idea for Kindred + Wild
I had been moving away from the high street products and simplifying my skincare routine for years. I was making my own lip balm for cold sores for a few years already and after a long period of very bad facial skin was making my own face oils as well. Herbal remedies and alternate, holistic medicine has always been an interest of mine. I even did a 10 week course in herbal medicine. To me the lines between remedies and skincare started to blur and when I was on a quest for a purpose, it just seemed to fit that I work with plants, remedies and skincare.


3. What are your favourite parts of running Kindred + Wild
Kindred + Wild is actually an excuse for me to keep my head buried in books about plants, herbal medicine, folklore, etc. under the guise of ‘research’! But seriously, I just love learning about plants and their powers, and how they were used in traditional ways. For me that discovery of a new fact or light bulb moment is what keeps me hooked, that snd the tactile nature of my work, working with my hands. I am always looking forward to more interactions with plants.

4. What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day starts slow with a cup of green tea and standing at the kitchen door looking at the sky, then maybe yoga or a walk, breakfast and then to the desk with a cup of coffee/tea. Most of the days are spent front of the computer, doing admin work, checking the website, contacting bloggers, research etc. On these days I also pack and post out orders. But then I also have ‘lab days’ when I usually spend the whole day in the kitchen making the products and try out new products ideas. Those are the fun days!

5. What's been your biggest challenge with Kindred + Wild?
Skincare is a tricky product I think to sell online. A lot of people might like the idea but wouldn’t want to buy anything without trying. I don’t blame them. But this is why I try to be as transparent and honest as possible with all the information on the website as well as queries I receive. I am also not very good at marketing so that’s always a challenge.

6. Do you champion responsible business in any way?
I'm only a one woman band but I have some basic moral codes. Being honest about the ingredients and my work is only one of them. I try to source organic ingredients as much as possible and suppliers I can trust and have sensible ethical values. eg: Most of my ingredients come from a supplier which has Organic, Soil Association Accreditation, adheres to and supports Fair Trade and Wild harvesting practices. It’s not always easy though due to costs.

7. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you?
I loved the name and concept and at the time what I saw of the ‘look’ and aesthetic of the website. Also, I love the fact that 2 women are behind it. We need more of that.

8..Do you have any top tips for other budding makers?
Know why you are doing what you are doing. And remind yourself of it often.

9. What are your dreams for Kindred + Wild?
There are some small ones and there are some big long term ones. For now I definitely dream of getting my own studio workshop! And one day to grow my own organic plants and herbs to be used in the products. A working garden – lab apothecary! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? But the key vision I have for Kindred + Wild is to discover, revive and pass on the knowledge and wisdoms of healing plants and to inspire more people to reconnect with it.


10. Is there anything else The London Smiths customers should know about you?
I am not a qualified practitioner in any herbal or ayurvedic practices. I have done a 10 week basic herbal remedies workshop and am always on a look out to expand my knowledge with practical workshops. But otherwise I am entirely self-taught in these subjects through my curiosity, enquiry and personal experience.

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