1. Can you describe Bybri in 5 words?

Clean and contemporary handmade jewellery.

2. How did you get the idea for Bybri?

I wanted to make jewellery that was easily wearable but still made a small statement, and I wanted it to be affordable, so that people could purchase a piece of jewellery that was handmade and unique and special, without breaking the bank.

3. What are your favourite parts of running Bybri? 

Of course making the jewellery! But also the amazing feeling when I see somebody wearing my jewellery, or getting some good feedback, it feels incredible!

4. What does a typical day look like for you?

I work full time separately as a Craftsperson in a design studio, so my day is mentally and physically tiring! When I get home I get straight to my bench in my apartment and try to get a couple of hours making in! The weekends allow me to be more focused on Bybri, where I can really get stuck in to orders, and making up stock for markets.

5. What's been your biggest challenge with Bybri?

Trying to balance starting a creative business and having a full time job separately.

6. Do you champion responsible business in any way?

Yes I believe the idea of slow fashion, and the care of the handmade is something that can help combat a throwaway culture.

7. Why did The London Smiths appeal to you?

I loved that I could be a part of a brand new selling platform that felt very personal and real. 

8. Do you have any top tips for other budding makers?

Don't be afraid to keep putting yourself out there!! 

9. What are your dreams for Bybri?

I'm so excited to watch it continue to grow and expand!!

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