Alex here. We thought it would be fun to share a little more about ourselves, hope you enjoy the read!

1 - what are your greatest loves in life?
Family, friends, horses, the countryside, travelling, sunshine, beaches, adventures, dinner parties, food, design and interiors.

2 - What's your favourite colour?
This is a tough one.
In my house white is quite dominant, I love a clean aesthetic, brightened up witha . few splashed of colour. I also love white clothes and whilst I hate shopping the one thing I'm always drawn to is a white blouse or dress. But white is a bit of a dull answer so I'd say teal! I've recently bought a teal sofa which I adore, it's a calming yet bold colour that looks great with another favourite - mustard yellow.

3 - Favourite food?
Well my last meal would be steak and ale pie, mashed potato and green beans which is odd as I love spicy food, if you give me anything Thai I'm happy. But if push came to shove, mash would win the day.

4 - Favourite place?
Apart from London I would have to say either my Mum's house in the countryside or Botswana where I spent an amazing few years in my twenties. I still miss waking up in a tent (quite a posh tent to be fair) to the sounds and smells of a safari camp, I'm not sure anything will ever beat that.

5 - What do you think Georgie would say about you?
She would say I'm bossy, have a quick temper, am obsessed with going on holiday to sunny places and that I get frustrated when people aren't as ruthlessly efficient as I am! I hope she's also say that I'm loyal, a good sister and friend.

6 - What's the best thing about working with Georgie?
She's great at all the things I don't understand, mainly all the legal bits! It's actually great working with her, we don't always agree but our vision for the business is the same so it's easy to come back to that. I also wouldn't have taken the plunge to actually launch The London Smiths without her.

7 - And the worst?
When she abandons me and goes on holiday!

8 - What have you enjoyed most about launching The London Smiths?
Definitely building a community of wonderful makers. All of our makers share our ethical values, love our city and are passionate about what they do, it's so inspiring. Getting to see so many lovely products is a bonus as well! Finally I've learnt so much, having to get stuck into every aspect of the business really is a steep learning curve!

9 - What's been the hardest bit?
Marketing is tricky. Trying to explain why handmade products cost more, and that yes they are worth it is an on going battle in an age of fast consumerism!

10 - What are your hopes for The London Smiths?
That we continue to grow and give our local artisans and designers a platform where they can not only sell their goods but show of their craftsmanship. We are also always trying to become a more sustainable, ethical business so I look forward to continuing that journey.

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